About the Yoga of Illumination

Devi Satva Yoga, the Yoga of Illumination

Yoga, as a spiritual and physical discipline, has been practiced in many variations by masters and novices for countless years and is universally accepted as one of the most effective development tools ever created.

In its original state, man’s physical form was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating and self-transfiguring. Being created it was not real or eternal but could, through pristine living and total surrender, open gates in the body that would allow the Real to permeate and indefinitely sustain it.

Aranash Suba Yoga – The Yoga of Enlightenment

Aranash Suba Yoga is designed to release the hold of illusion on the yogi by strengthening the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.  The other forms of  Yoga of Illumination, such as Irash Satva Yoga, Shrihat Satva Yoga and Saradesi Satva Yoga, organize life within the matrix in order to give the necessary power to break free from realities of illusion.  They have as their goal, the transcending of linear change by replacing it with exponential change.  The Yoga of Aranash Suba strengthens the eternal.

Irash Satva Yoga – The Yoga of Abundance

In Irash Satva Yoga, received by Almine from the Angelic Kingdom, this ancient methodology is exponentially expanded and enhanced by incorporating the alchemies of sound and frequency.

Using easily mastered postures paired with music from Cosmic Source created specifically for each, the 144 cardinal gates in the mind and body are opened and cleansed of their dross and debris, allowing the practitioner to tap into the abundance of the One Life.

Below are the descriptions for the postures for Irash Satva Yoga:

1. This posture clears the root chakra that holds onto old sexual memories

2. This posture stimulates release of toxins from the rectum

3. This posture brings balancing of adrogynous expression

4. same as #3 above

5. This posture stimulates the acupuncture points on the feet to receive chi

6. This posture is to establish self-sovereignty through self-support, it promotes spinal fluid, and helps lymph flow in the groin area

7. This posture is to release grief from the lungs

8. This posture releases the burdens of the past

9. This posture releases past memories of anything that is uncomfortable. It releases the feminine aspect of pain.

10. This posture releases the masculine aspects of pain

11. This posture sets free self-expression of the feminine (left)

12. This posture sets free self-expression of the masculine (right)

13. This posture releases old patterns specifically focuses on bones, bone marrow and the spinal cord

14. This posture is to release the memories of things that the eyes see that bring pain

15. This posture is to release what the ears have heard and the memories of the eyes; denigrating remarks, unkindness

16. This posture releases auditory memories that bring pain

17. This posture releases pain from density

18. This posture releases memories of the heart

19. This posture is to release radiation that is held in the breasts in women and in the prostrate in men. It clears out lymph (important to drink a lot of water as will doing all of Almine’s yogas!). It allows for the flow of lymph and fluids downward.

20. same as #19 above

21. This posture purifies the genital & reproductive systems (i.e. particularly valuable where there has been sexual abuse or a mother draining energy of the son). It activates the meridian and cleanses the root chakra for the vagus nerve, reinstating the intuitive nature of man.

22. This posture is to help silencing of hopes and wants. It has a rejuvenating effect around the eyes.

23. This posture is for speech and to purify patterns and memories of speech; things we didn’t say.

24. This posture is to bring balance of the masculine and feminine; eliminates patterns of soft tissue

25. This posture is to release grief held in the head and unshed tears held in the face

26. This posture releases resources to you (right behind the chin bone) and to open the upper palate as a gateway of abundant resources

There are 144 gates names for each of the gates which correspond to the postures. They are in the section called, the Names of the 144 Gates. They start on p. 55. By saying them, it assists to bring in their frequency to help clear them.

Shrihat Satva Yoga – The Yoga to Clear Past Reincarnational Cycles

As an initiate reaches for a higher level of enlightenment he must walk a path of mastery that produces a state of internal androgyny. Having lost all other identities, a master must then also lose the identity of gender. This is necessary to balance the proactive and receptive qualities within.

Resolution of the 12 feminine and 12 masculine reincarnation cycles brings this desired state to fruition. The ancient practice of Shrihat Satva Yoga facilitates removal of debris from prior incarnations held in the physical form and the fields around the body.

Saradesi Satva Yoga – The Yoga of Eternal Youth

As translated by Almine from the ancient texts of Saradesi – The Fountain of Youth
Includes the Sound Elixirs for Eternal Youth; Plus: The Illuminations of the Gods

The ancient texts speak of time as movement. They affirm that time and space, movement and stillness, are illusions. To sustain any illusion requires an enormous amount of resources. This depletion of resources causes aging and decay.

The illusion of polarity, the impossibility that the One Life can be divided and split, is brought to resolution by balancing the opposite poles exactly. Only then can they cancel one another out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond – the reality of Eternal Youth.

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