“I did Saradesi Satva Yoga with one of my sisters the other day. It was beautiful. The following day she contacted me to tell me that she had had a great and fundamental insight about her life that evening. She engages with various therapies which include quite a bit of talking through the issues until finally an insight might be reached. She’s pretty perceptive and does gain deep insights this way in fact. She was pretty excited about more effortless insight through movement and stillness!

I experienced such joy in sharing this beautiful unfolding through yoga.” ~Jane

* * *

Spiritualized! This is what every cell in my body is singing after the online Irash Satva Yoga session. What an awesome way to allow the song of the Infinite to sing. You can ask questions, get answers, and know that you are doing the postures correctly. All in the comfort of your own house. I look forward to the next online Devi Satva Yoga session! ~Matthew

* * *

“The yoga session today was beautiful. How wonderful that we could all connect at a distance, so easily, & to benefit from expert tuition from the comfort & privacy of our own homes. What a gift! Very warmest wishes & heartfelt gratitude. I found it is SO much easier to follow you & a greater flow this way. I am very much looking forward to the next session & trying something new.”   Big hug & smile from the Uk  With love, Siany

The next day Siany added a little more . . .

The next morning I had a huge shift & release. 

To be quite honest, the shifts which I am beginning to see with healing modality of Belvaspata & the yoga are amongst the most profound I have ever seen.

And I don’t say that lightly. Truly I don’t.

I have a Bachelor of Medical Science honours degree & 3 postgraduate degrees (2 of which are in psychology & research methodology, 1 in designing online resources & my thesis in the use of internet technology in psychology gained a distinction).

I have 20 years experience as a psychologist & was the youngest specialist in my field in the NHS. And I’m also a published author of 12 books.

I am not saying that to impress you, I’m saying that because I am not someone who is easily impressed by anything new just for the sake of it or because it’s well marketed or I am impressionable etc I am trained to evaluate approaches very carefully, but also to trust my own healing instincts & my standards are extraordinarily high.

So I will be following the yoga with great interest & I am very excited to experience the next part of the journey with it to see it’s full capabilities.

You really cannot tell the benefits of this approach just from a quick glance at the written materials. It really doesn’t reflect the profound & subtle changes it is capable of facilitating.

Very warmest wishes & my heartfelt thanks

* * *
My skydiving comment arose from the statement that we were to let go of our form during that pose … whooosh my emotional body went … the sensations of free falling swept over me as the sense of weightlessness seemed to hold a ‘formless’ element to it.

I was quickly altered and felt my cells expanding and shifting as we began – it was like the image of a stampede to a door in regards to wanting to quickly expand! Emotions shook and by the second posture I was settled in to an expanded state for the pleasure of the session.

I have been a practitioner of other schools of yoga for over ten years and have moved a lot out of my cells over the years. The pose in which we direct the energy down at a 45 degree generated instantaneous shifts though in my digestive function. Energies released and a deep sigh passed through.

I experienced a release and lightness through the abdominal area after nearly five minutes during the bridge hold. After I felt this the pose became ‘effortless’. ~Terelynn

* * *

Jane Richman – Johannesburg South Africa – student of Almine’s Devi Satva Yoga – Yoga of Illumination

Over the past few months that I have been taking part in the Yoga and meditation at Anua, with Paul, I have been feeling a growing sense of increased awareness and ‘lightness’. I use the word ‘lightness’ to describe my physical feelings, as well as the awareness and illumination that describes my sense of intuition and emotions. I am very aware of a sense of ‘non-physical knowing’ that surrounds me and this gives immense comfort and a sense of ‘home’.

I am able to separate thoughts from previous noisy chaos and analytically disruptive nonsense and disorder, to calm reason and acceptance that has no sense of gain or loss, no anger and resentment, only calm and balance resulting in peace. Peace in my thoughts and peace in my actions, judgments of both people and situations. The lightness that I feel within can only be described as a bright illuminated ‘tube’ that flows through my middle. It has no visible beginning or ending, so although ‘tube’ is quite a simplistic description, it is the only word I can find to describe it !

This light or illumination brings immense peace and guidance to me and through me. It is as if there is a void in my physical body, through which this infinite ‘tube’ of light passes, it does not remain within me, but seems to travel on, as I am only aware of it’s presence and comfort, giving me it’s peace and wholeness . There have recently been situations within my immediate family that have resulted in unpleasant, hostile reactions and much grief and heartache. I have been able, with the guidance, love and support of Paul and the immense love emanating within ANUA/Belvaspata South Africa, to see beyond these situations and overcome them with acceptance and clarity. I can accept without preconceived ideas or judgments and hopefully pass on this peace and light to those around me. It is not mine to keep, but a gift that only desires to be shared. Thank you.

* * *

Recently I have felt the need to begin the yogas and yesterday, Sunday, I went out to buy a pad. Found a wool runner 2 /12 x 8 ft with a red Indian design. It was on sale that day for 50% off and received another 10% off from a coupon the salesgirl gave me. On my kindle fire I put the books and music.

I felt a strong pull to be grounded with the earth, so I wanted to do it outside using a natural fiber pad. Bit cold for that. So my wife pointed out that I could use the cement floor in one of the rooms where all the stick-on tiles have been removed. I laid the rug over the cement and with the kindle playing the music and being able to see the positions, the Irash Satva Yoga went very smoothly. This first time I felt debris, like sludge in a drain pipe, being cleared out. ~Frank

* * *

Love, love, love this yoga – it is so powerful. I felt a wonderful presence in my physical body and all levels even after only one session. I actually miss it, if I don’t do daily sessions and plan to do it whenever it is possible. After only a few days I truly noticed an increased sense of Oneness and well-being plus a flattening of my abdomen and overall improvements in core body strength and posture. ~Jan

* * *

This yoga feels wonderful. I am in fairly good physical condition and found this yoga to be of benefit in ways that I haven’t experienced with traditional yogas, such as flattening of my abdomen and strengthening of different core muscle groups. ~Denisa

* * *

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